LEARN FROM THE BIRDS.(What the birds know, and We Should)

LEARN FROM THE BIRDS.(What the birds know, and We Should)My younger siblings raise some poultry at home.I find it amusing seeing how hard they work to make them survive. I wouldn't tell you how much they bought initially, and how much is left. That's, uh, let's continue.
Well, my siblings noticed recently that they have changed their lifestyle. For example they wake up before dawn and no one knew where they go to. Even in the day, they still take off. When my siblings got to know where they go to, it was a shock!

These birds go to a TOPFEED depot around 100 meters away from home. Now, TOPFEED is a first-class poultry feed, and these cocky creatures go there, peck on the scraps on the floor, make their way 'stealthily' into the depot, and peck some more. The result? Faster Growth.
Humans, however, are reluctant to look outside of the box. Many of us are so used to something and we are not ready to, at least, look if there is a better alternative. We are so afraid to try something new. We worry about everything  that could go wrong when we seek 'external sources.'
But this is not how God designed us. We were not created to live in the tower of Babel. We are supposed to explore and make exploits. Nothing should hold us down. Fear Paralyses. Courage Releases. I'm not a fool, and would never advise anyone to take insensible risk. But there is another risk, called Calculated Risk, which I would discuss one day, God willing. This is the kind of risk we should be ready to take, if we want to make noticeable progress.
You can't hold on too tight to something and expect to receive more.
Love You All.
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