COMFORT IN SIMPLICITY shoes and footwearsMemory is really something, isn't it? I just recalled the first time one of my sisters wore an high heel. Lol, Dem Ol' Mamas wobble better than she. It was virtually a disaster. When we were to cross the bridge near our place, she had to be helped by two others, she in the middle, with her arms around their necks, lest she falls. And I kept asking myself, how could she have bought that?

Since the beginning of creation, when our ancestors started threading the face of the earth, a lot of footwear have been made to ease the pain caused by the contact with the rough landscape. Today, we can boast of 'arsenal' of 'em to help 'combat' discomfort. Different wears with different promises by the manufactures of 'MAXIMUM COMFORT.'
I've used a few myself. Ranging from baby cotton shoes, only slightly thicker than my current socks, to bathroom slippers. I've used varieties- Converse(Nigerian- Canvas), Loafers, Blah-Blah-Blah. I even have a CAT Walking Machine. (Please note that it's a CATterpillar Walking Machine, not a machine that helps you catwalk).
At the end, after all the comfort promised us, none is really as comfortable as the bathroom slippers. Now, a pair in Nigeria costs just around $1, yet it relieves you of the 'bondage' induced by the other, much more expensive ones. That's why, after the day's work, we take whatever we are wearing off, and Jump into the Slip-Ons.
IT NEVER CEASES TO ASTOUND ME how, in our perpetual pursuit of comfort, we head towards complexity. Complexity, in itself, is a major cause of DISCOMFORT. Yet, many believe they could find solace in it. Comfort.
THE simplest of things are usually the most PROFOUND.
LESS, they say, is MORE!
We so much believe in so many add-ons, too many of which could complicate things within the snap of the fingers. Complexity, in most cases wouldn't bring you comfort.
So, remember,
When Complexity starts to fail, that is the perfect time to Try Simplicity...
Lead a FANTAFAB life.
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Love You Plenty!!!