Calculated Risk

Calculated Risk
"I had a choice. I would not be deceived to believe I do not. This is the opportunity I've been waiting for. For years have I dreamt of this day, hoping, praying it would come. Now, it's here, but not as I saw it. Nobody told me there are risks. High risks. I didn't think. Now I see, when I'm already neck deep in the black pool!"

Do you identify with the scenario above? Many do, and have become really bitter about it. Risks are the hazards that follow opportunities. The factors every wise man must consider. After all, Let's face it, there is no great opportunity that does not have its own share of risk dragging along. And only the foolish would pretend as if they were not.
Notwithstanding, many have viewed risks and have taken the extreme measures. They avoid risks altogether. Naturally, they miss opportunities, in so doing. This shouldn't be so, for there exists two extremes, and this is one of them. Underrating risks is the other.
Balance is what we seek, a measure now known as the Calculated Risk. The kind of risk taking where You are completely aware of the risks involved, plan in advance, set up measures to minimize risks, make necessary compromises, grab opportunities, protect against extremes, manage fears and limitations, avoiding risks you do not understand, and embracing trials and errors.
All these while keeping your eyes open, creating balance between the two extremes.
Risks could be fun if properly managed. The spice of the meal. However, you must protect yourself against extreme downsides. What we want is Success, Not failure. Keep the odds always in your favor. At worst, understand the odds, and brace yourself for what is to come.

You can not go after every opportunity. If the risks are higher than the profits, why should we even consider such an 'opportunity.' Vandalizing a petroleum pipeline, to get 'easy money,' for example, would never be worth it. Consider opportunities well. The Good must always Prevail.

Take risks, my dear. But make sure, it's calculated.