FANTAFAB Diary... Maiden Seg.

I, Fábùsólá Tópé Ōlátúndé Ōlúwásēūn
Christiansen The Fantastic Fabulous , on this
day, Fri 8th of March, 2013, @ Around 3pm
found myself in Τ̲̅ђǝ midst of Older people
arguing on religion. I decided to shed a little light
on things... What I started was a fire.
I was
risking being tagged a pastor again- But, right
now, does it matter?And on and on, I was
preaching. Someone joked that I must be a Bible
school student... Boy, it was like fuel!... I left
everyone silent, all too dumbfounded to reply my
farewell... Fabulous, right? Maybe, Maybe not.
This is my greatest gift of love; Sharing Jesus,
whom I love. It's been so long since I talked this
way! And, Boy, Did it feel good!... Jesus is Τ̲̅ђǝ
sweetest name I know. Yeah, I A̶̲̥̅♏ Fábùsólá
Tópé Ōlátúndé Ōlúwásēūn Christiansen The
Fantastic Fabulous , I joke, I speak, I write, but
at Τ̲̅ђǝ end of it all, I know Τ̲̅ђǝ One who
possesses all powers. People are hungry for him.
Feed Τ̲̅ђǝm. They are thirsty, give Τ̲̅ђǝm Τ̲̅ђǝ
water of life. I love you all. Jesus loves you more!
For those who love God, Please share to win
souls for Christ. If you do not, feel free to do
whatever... After accepting him NOW!