Sir Edmund Hilary was the first person to conquer Mt. Everest. The first time he tried, he failed. He was knighted by the Queen of England, and at the gala occasion, on the wall behind the head table, was a huge picture of Mt. Everest. The people gave him a standing ovation for even daring to attempt the climb. When they ceased applauding, Hilary turned his back to the audience, faced that picture and said,

"Mt. Everest, you have defeated me once and you might defeat me again. But I'm coming back again and again, and I'm going to win because you can't get any bigger, Mt. Everest, and I can.”
What do you think of that, honestly? I mean, see that attitude. No, feel that attitude! Could you adopt such an attitude? The never-say-die attitude? The attitude that gives up not. There is so much reward to this kind of attitude:
Sir Hilary later climbed that mountain to become the first person to ever do that, didn’t he? 
Look at your problem in the face. Stare hard at it. You are beating me all right. Just know, Mr. Problem, you cant get bigger than I!

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