The last time he was #1 was Oct. 2010. His story was one filled with a lot of travails! After those scandals around three years ago, the giant fell. Sure, he got a lot of things wrong. He was apparently unfaithful, and the consequences were great! Loss of favour, Divorce, Downhill in Career, and lots more. It really costed him, and people believe that's the end for him. Lots of jokes were made out of him. He became a laughing stock.

After his
marital infidelity came to light at the end of
2009 and received massive media coverage,
Woods announced in December that he would be
taking an indefinite break from competitive golf.
In February 2010, he delivered a televised
apology for his behaviour. During this period,
several companies ended their endorsement deals with him. Shortly after ward, Woods' coach since
2003, Hank Haney, resigned the position! He dropped from #1 to #58!
But he never gave up! Sure he committed a big blunder. But he fought. He fought hard!
And Today... He is there, smiling. The No 1!

AND here is the ICING ON THE CAKE: He is working towards getting his beloved wife back! And things seems to be working fine!
What did you learn from this?