So, this complaint was lodged in a court of law. The complainants are
the Atheists. And the defendants? The Believers.
The case was quite simple: The Believers have days to celebrate.
Christmas, Eid Kabir, Easter and the likes. But the Atheists had none!
The Judge was well advanced in age, wisdom, and experience. After
properly examining the matter, he declared the case dismissed!

The Atheists were appalled! What is going on? They demanded a reason,
and a reason they got.
The judge told them they already have a day. He told them, "The Holy
Bible says,'A fool says there is no God.' You see, since you claim
there is no God, you must be fools. Do I then need to remind you that
the first of April is the Fools' day. YOU GOT YOUR DAY. ENJOY IT!"
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