So, in the previous part I gave an introduction using my story. I
also mentioned a little of how hard I've been working towards gaining
more knowledge about the opposite sex. I hinted I am still learning,
though, and that there is always room for improvements. Hmmm... I
confided there are rewards. Yes, REWARDS! Let's start from there,
here... Shall we?

I should chip in here that I am not writing for one gender. I didn't
title it, 'Understanding (fe)males.' So, this applies to all. I have
read a lot of articles, thoughts, posts and more about how
unascertainable the opposite sex and their wants are. A lot of people
have lamented, many are lamenting. You? Don't be ashamed. At one point
or the other, we've all wondered.
Let's cut to the chase!
The hint for today is this::: RESPECT THE OPPOSITE SEX DEEPLY!
Where does respect come from? Where? The Heart! It is
not about what you say or do to please them. It's about what you feel
for them. How you feel about them. See, if you do not truly respect
them from the bottom of your heart, there is simply no way. What is
inside of you cannot be hid forever. It would surely reflect and be
One of the things I noticed about many of the laments I talked about
earlier is lack of respect. People deliberately twist images, and
perceptions just to score score marks. Just to make points, people say
anything. That's why men call all women bitches, and the women call
men animals. Hehehe! Devil at work!
How can you get to know someone you do not respect? How do you
understand them? Just put yourself in their shoes; would you allow
someone who doesn't respect you in your heart? Would you reveal
yourself to them?
Time to stop! A word, they say, is enough for the wise. And this is
more! Say, till next time? Deal!
Bye for now! Love ya!