I'm choosing my birthday, May 28th, to write on an issue that has been, is being, and would be discussed numerous times. Just that, in this case, I shall be objective and touching a lot of aspects.
Yeah, there are three main groups of thoughts on the issue;
THEISM, which is the belief in God;
ATHEISM, which doesn't believe in God;
AGNOSTISM, which isn't sure if there is or isn't.

The Atheists believe science and logic are evidences that God does not exist. They claim that recent findings point to chance. That man just happened. By accident.
The Theists, of course, believe there is God. That the way man is designed, and indeed the whole universe couldn't have been an accident. Definitely not a BIG BANG! In fact, science and logic have only served as proofs that there is an Intelligent designer behind this fabulous designs.
Oh, the Agnostics! They are not even sure. One day they might believe, the other day could be different. Many are confused. And many don't even want to take the risks. They say, "Whatever."
The truth is, GOD EXISTS. This is not a blind belief, but a belief based on faith and obvious evidences. Imagine you saw a piece of stone on the floor, you could say that is natural, right? Now, imagine that stone is in the shape of a man, what would you think? Wouldn't you say, " Now, someone did this!"
Ponder on this...
A follow- up would expatiate on this. Stay updated.
Lots of love from the Birthday Boy,
The Fantastic Fabulous.