There are times in life when our beings are challenged, when our stands are tested, when we are offered less. There are these 'down' times. They are bound to come and there is nothing anyone could do about it. Afterall, they are the true tests of men, regardless of the gender.
You have a choice, though. You can choose your approach. You could employ HUMILITY, or HUMILIATION.

HUMILITY, in this context, is the act of not thinking you are better than others. This is an honourable virtue, respected by great men. Sometimes you are offered lemons, and the best thing you could do about it is, take them and make lemonades out of them. You could even open a lemonade factory, depending on how much the lemons are.
However, you do not have to take everything; shit, for example. That is pure HUMILIATION. It is when someone is made to feel ashamed or stupid. The big difference between the two approaches is that:
Shit should never been taken. When you are indeed offered downfall, degradation, shame, or defacement, never take those! Yeah, shit happens, but you needn't take it. This is what you do with it; take a tissue paper and wipe the hell outta it!
Hold on to your dignity. Hold on to your pride. They are not you. On a final note...
"Showing respect and Losing respect differ. Choose the former."- Fabusola Tope Christiansen.