After surviving 17 harrowing days buried beneath the rubble of a
building collapse in Bangladesh, Reshma speaks to CNN in a one-on-
one interview. "I told God, 'Take me, if that's your will. If not, then save
me,’” she says. “’But don't leave me here like this.’"

It's such a pity today, how people leave things, people, and even God unattended to. The ostrich, while trying to hide from predators, is known to bury its head in sand or hide it behind an obstructive object, with the thought that, since it can't see the predators, then the predators can't see it either. Of course, this thought kills it!
You might trying leaving important things unattended to. You might leave your loved ones uncared for. Hell! You might even leave your God unworshipped. Remember the ostrich. And know there is much to lose than to gain from such act.
Bear it in mind that it would do you much good to start showing attention. Afterall, love is all that matters. And what is care, if not the act of loving?
Can you still hear their whispers?... "Don't leave me here like this."