Respect has always been a pivotal aspect of any relationship. No matter who are involved, respect influence decisions and, inevitably, actions.
If one gains the respect of the others, it's easier to make points, influence people, get approvals, and support. Now, respect has to be earned, as no good thing comes too easy. That's where you have to choose how you warn to earn this respect.
Respect is earned through these two main ways:

-Demanding it
-Commanding it

When it comes to demanding, this is method in which someone asks for, demands, claims, solicits for, and does anything to gain the respect of others, usually with the mindset that they deserve it afterall.
This method ranges from being pitiable to being aggresive. Respects gained this way usually are forced and thereby not real. They die quickly too.
Commanding respect is the opposite. You don't beg. You don't have to say you deserve it. In fact, people say so. It is not a claim. It is a fact! This is because this kind of respect is developed gradually, steadily, and powerfully through continous and consistent act of trusted service. It is by the works of your hands, not by the words of your mouth.
This is the type of respect that lasts. This is the kind I recommend. If there is an area you want to gain respect in, work on yourself. Get yourself fit. And the respect would come.