He was always sure of himself, and there are clear-cut guidelines he used to follow. And, yes, no one was asking him where he was. Until he deflected. Until he dumped values. It was at this point that he lost his place. And the questions started coming. You know him, don't you?

His name was Adam, the first man ever created. Adam had everything he needed and more. He was doing great until he allowed the temptation to sweep him off his feet. The result? He hid from the one who created him, the one who sees him. What could be more foolish?
He also brought all forms of excuses. Blaming his wife and GOD in one sentence. "THE WOMAN YOU BROUGHT!"
It is difficult to stand on your ground if you change values, especially values that helped you gain the ground in the first place. You can't just drop your discipline because of anything, just like that.
If you do, and you lose your ground. No excuse could bring it back. You have no one else to blame but yourself. In case you've already dropped them, find no excuse and get them back as fast as you can.
That is the way to gain ground and hold on to it.
Else, you might also hear that voice and hide, because you are naked.