9/11, Victims, How Could We Ever Forget?

9/11, Victims, How Could We Ever Forget? osama bombing
9/11 would forever stick to the brains of billions around the world. The Terrorist attack that left some 3000 people dead and over 6000 others wounded. How would we ever forget? Yes, 12 years after, the memory is like a stitch- it stays there. I should say, since I just lost a good friend yesterday.

I want us all to know that violence cannot solve a problem, at least not permanently. If there is something that should be embraced, it's peace. Peace that comes from within. This, in the long run, is what we should have.
Violence, in the name of religion, is an irony. It directly contradicts the tenets of virtually all the religions of the world. Violence is inhuman. It should be left to the animals. We are supposed to rule over them. When instincts start controlling us, we are stooping too low.

I wouldn't really be surprised if violent people are likened unto Satan, the devil. After all, he stooped so low, as to inhabit himself in an animal's body- A Serpent, for that matter!
Whatever your belief, Whatever your Creed, Whatever your Conviction, Whatever your Lifestyle; If you must share, do not force it on anyone. This suffices. Make Good Use of it.

DEDICATED TO: The Victims, Their Family and Friends, and
IN the memory of my good friend who was taken from us yesterday, 10th, Wole Fatuase.