Seat Belts Save Lives. Fasten Them. This Just Happened to ME. (READ)

Seat Belt On Me, Safety First
Last Evening, I became sure of the wonder of the seat belts. As much as I believe in its service, I had never really had a 'human test' of the efficacy of this beautiful design. Until some hours ago. This is what happened. This is how it went down:

I left office around 6pm yesterday, and took a cab heading home. (My Car shall be here soon, In Jesus name.) Well, 3 minutes into the drive, I fastened the seat belt, and just took my mind off it. I've been doing this occasionally over a long time, so it's pretty automatic, and I've never really 'used' it.

This was to stop. With most of the distance covered, and the seat belt forgotten, someone suddenly intercepted, sort of. Bike, Tricycle, Vehicle? I can't say. I was using my phone, and was lost on the details. BUT the suddenness jolted me, and i felt the pull. I was to dash straight for the dashboard, but the belt held me like some kinda strong man. Real Tight!

I had to test it after that to see it wasn't a mistake. It was free again. The job was done. The seat belt had relaxed. Bet ya, if seat belts were human, they'd be Gentlemen.

So, why not start employing their services? They save lives. My case was pretty trivial. Many were involved in far worse, without the service of the safety belt. We know it doesn't usually have a happy ending.

Well, you are not them, and you don't have to be. You Are You. No Photocopy. No Duplicate. Protect your life, my dear friend. YOLO!

Over to You: What do you do to protect yourself on a road trip? What about in every other aspect of your life. Share and Teach.