Sapele Kpomo Traders, Why are you Embalming us? And our precious cow-skin?

Cow Skin, also known as Kpomo or Ponmo
Sapele Kpomo Traders, Wetin? Friend, if you are a cow skin, also known as kpomo or ponmo, lover like me, then we've got to watch and pray. It came as a shock to me upon hearing of the traders who have been injecting EMBALMING FLUID into our precious, ehm ehm, toppings. And for what? To make it thicker, thereby fetching them more money! Jeez!

Can you believe what they said? "The Embalmed Kpomo tastes sweeter *gulps* than normal!" This is the part where I had a hard time deciding whether to laugh or to curse. I chose the former. Guys are desperate, seriously. Many don't care about the consequences of their actions.

Yeah, how did I find out? Thank God, they've been arrested, after being tipped off by fellow traders. Join me in blessing the lives of these kind people. They saved lives. Police, thank you o. Let's discuss their judgement, privately.
Sapele Cow Skin or Kpomo Traders in front of the police station, after being arrested

Come to think of it, one who eats an embalmed kpomo is also getting embalmed gradually. When next you see an abnormally 'dry' fellow, don't blame the witches. Could as well be the kpomo.

Please Watch, my friend. One key part of leading the fantafab lifestyle is living long.
Love You.
Chilling Hot, Burning Cold!