Review: HALLELUYAH Indeed! B-Blend Rocks!

Halleluyah By B-Blend CD showing contacts and Street Gospel
I've never officially published a music review. Yeah, I've reviewed books, and have contemplated music for some time, none had ever moved my hands. HALLELUYAH, however, changed the story.

Halleluyah is a song by B-Blend, also known as OluwaBlessing. You might have heard of Ijaya. No one responds to all these names, but the artiste who made the music I'm talking about here.(As far as I'm concerned, you can be singing song without making music. This is diff!) The music moved my hands for these reasons among others:
* B-Blend conquered another ground, when it comes to music genre. B-Blend is mainly into Hip-Hop and RnB. I wouldn't have guessed he could take dance music and set a pace. He did more!
* Halleluyah is like the soothing balm to the aching ears of great gospel music lovers. Enough of the hitherto lack of personality and ... in the industry.(Fill in the gap)That is, when it comes to good music, there is no excuse.
* B-Blend did something in the beginning of that song. His voice came in, then paused, then came back with others. There is this deja vu feeling, you can't understand unless you download the music.And yeah, what he did you gives us enough time to farabale shout in glee, calm down, and then dance.
*The song is simply different. And need I tell you that you'd get addicted to not only listening and dancing, but singing as well.
*Sing it and you almost taste that proverbial meat.(Salad, if you are a vegetarian.)
*** THE PLUS. It's right here, right now! Of course, I would make it easy for you to get:
P.S: I interviewed B-Blend, and got first class copy of his new single. Keep your fingers crossed, yeah! I would soon drop the interview, warm into your palm. Get prepared for a delicious Chatty-Chatty. You can contact him anytime. Dude's so welcoming. Just call him on 08134711891 or ping him on BBM: 218D79CC
P.P.S: If something is good, must I keep quiet? Never! Pass it on too...