Following Your Instinct, Following Your Inner God.

Dear Friend,
Yesterday was really so full of a lot of inner discussions for me. Ideas popping up, Strategies getting laid, Blood flowing out. Yes, literally. Instinct has been very high lately. Whatever drug it's taking, it sure is working.
Following the Instinct, could be interpreted in many ways. And yeah, among them are the extremes.(Remember how I advise against this?) One of the extremes is being animalistic. That is, following every physical or natural drive without any form of restraint or thinking through. (Calculated Risk sheds more light on this.)

Another extreme would be not following at all. Lacking all form of self-confidence that one does not believe in his own drive and inner voice. Nothing could be sadder. I am going to give an objective view, as I always do, of what Instinct is all about and how to respond to it. Let's go!
Instinct is a natural or inherent aptitude, impulse, or capacity, according to Merriam Webster Dictionary. That is good enough, my friend. Note the words used well. How do we respond to this Inherent Capacity?
*Believe. It's that simple. Believe in yourself. And believe in the divine in you.(Read Namaste for more insight.)
*Objectively Follow the low risks. Carefully follow the ones with the higher risks, by following the advice on Calculated risk.
*Don't dull your reason. Yet, there are times when all you have to lead you is your self-confidence, or even damn straight cockiness.
Know your Instinct is powerful. It opens doors. I would love to go into more details in the future, with live examples.
Whatever you do, Trust your Instinct.