Aloha, Amigo!
I know, I know: I'm a bit late today. I've been sooo busy. Working, Exporing, and Having Fun. Blogging requires a "me" time, if you don't want to just copy and paste. That is, if you truly want to be innovative and create a unique, an original, content, just as I do, you have to be in a relaxed condition.
Today hasn't been very relaxing, lol. Up, Down, Right, Left, Front, Down, In and Out... (That sounds... somehow. Well, let's leave it.) So, that's how the day went here. I actually enjoyed it. Did you enjoy yours? 24hrs is almost gone here. The day is almost over. Which leads me to what I would like us to look into today.
I look at many of today's events (By today, I mean the present age we live in) and I see how many worry. It makes me wonder whenever I see people hold on to nothingness.
Like that dude down the street where I work. He was arguing with another guy about an amount of money given to them. He apparently was claiming he should have it, and not the other guy.
Well, the argument grew intense, as occurs when money is in question. Now the other guy perhaps threatened to stab him with a broken bottle. And what did our guy do? He called the other guy's bluff: He dared him to go ahead.

And the other guy did. He stabbed him by the neck and the first guy went down. No, he didn't faint. He didn't slip into a coma, either. He died. He lost his life. Over how much? N200. That is around $1.20. The price of a pair of simple bathroom slippers. The price of his OWN life. And it's over. Just like that.
Some people would never be sensible, Amigo. I'm trusting you are not in that category. I woul love it if you start picking your battles more wisely. What is at stake that is what fighting for? What are the risks? Are you sure you don't have more to lose than what you are going to gain? Ponder on this, Amigo.
That should be all, for now.
I shall be here soon, and I'm trusting you to be here too.
Aku Cinta Kamu, Amigo.