Tribal Marks and The Tribal Wars

Tribal Marks on a baby. Funny Pictures.Aloha, Amigos!
How has the day been? Here, so far so good. A friend loves saying it is not how far, but how well. Hmmm... I like that. I can say today has been great. The waking up was miraculous, as usual. But then, there was nothing noticeably unusual. So, I just got ready for work, off I went.
It was in office that the honey started dripping on my bread (Or what else could honey drip on, that would make sense?). Anyway, it so happens that I was able to do something I had never done before, something others had tried and failed at. And it started with me refusing to be intimidated. Self-Esteem helped me leave a mark.
Now talking about Marks, I was on Facebook yesterday, when I saw a post about Tribal marks. Not that such posts are new, but the illustration really amused me. The comments too really cracked me up. Human beings are infinitely funny creatures.

The question posed by the Poster (Human being, Not an ad paper) went something like this: If you came home from work and found out that your mother-in-law had inscribed tribal marks all over your baby's face, what would you do? When I saw the picture used for illustration, and all the comments, I could not help but share my opinion with you.
First thing first, that story was deliberately laced with venom. Let us look at it; why was it that it was the mother-in-law that did that, and not the person's real mother. That's because the worst you could do is faint. Lol. You would not strike your own mama, would you?
In Africa (Or around where I live. Wait, In the whole wide world, even), many people are suspicious of their in-laws. Not as if there are not reasons, though. If you have witnessed some things that some in-laws are capable of, ehn, especially those mother-in-laws, you would have a serious rethink about marriage o.
The next point is, the in-law turns out not to be the father, but the mother. That is disturbing. I am not a sexist, and right now I am truly feeling for the ladies out there. How did all these mother-in-laws get themselves in all these scandals? Anyway, it has happened. At least, let us imagine it has happened.
So, the most impulsive response to the question was... Yes, you guessed it.
"I am going to Kill her!!!" Wait, don't tell me you also have such a plan in... Never MIND.
One particular person wrote a comment that I find really funny. " Ah, Mother-In-Law, how dare you! Alright, open, receive. Give birth to another baby boy. Or else, your daughter would have 11 questions to answer."
Lol! 11 Questions? What questions would those be? And then, why is the baby a boy, and not a girl? Guys, ehn. Would you have cared less if the baby had been a female? Sexist again there? Lol, just kidding. The whole thing is not about sex, but that mark.
Come to think of it, there was a time when tribal marks were like tattoos, you know. It was a thing of pride back then. There are those who would shout at the top of their lungs that this was not so. Some would claim that it was used for identification during war. Lol, Crazy idea.
No matter, tattoo or war; all I know is that don't joke with my child with a 'tribal' knife. Or else, we might start a tribal war!
Aku Cinta Kamu, Amigo.