I dropped my Phone and Picked Up a LESSON.

Aloha, Amigos.

Top of the morning to you today. How was your night? If I told you about mine, ehn…. Alright, I shall tell you. But we can’t start from the night. Let us rewind a little to around 6pm. Hehehe, just relax. It is not a horror movie. Yet, I know some who would have been excited if it were. Let us move on.

I got some ‘emergency’ work after work hours, and I was jumbling a lot together. I managed to finish all, putting all my multitasking skills into action. After finishing all of these, I rushed down to get a free ride I was offered. Come on, I never buy car yet. And arrogance no go pay Transport fare nao. Thanks to the free ride, I was able to save some changes. But then, it also ‘helped’ me in forgetting my phone.

I got to Orita, alighted from the car, and was about taking a bike home when I touched my pockets. That was when that empty feeling started creeping in. My Precious Phone…. I remembered some disgusting recent stories I have heard about all those small thefts. Please o, Mr Thief, it might be just another small theft to you. It is a big deal to me. Even if you buy another phone for me, would you return the data?

Somehow, I got hold of myself. Earlier, I would have gone haywire. But then, maturity comes with experience and advancement in age- Point 1. By the time I got home. IBEDC (That is the new name for PHCN around here o, since the privatisation.) decided to add insult to the injury. Those dudes just brought light like that. That means I kept looking at power supply going to waste.

That was what made me enter my room. I decided to relax. Relaxation took a turn and became a nap. The nap took another turn and became a full sleep. I woke up around 3am today, my surprise. I went into the living room, and what did in see but my uneaten dinner! Even as I stared at it in surprise, I could not even feel any pang of hunger. All that mattered was more sleep. And that was exactly what I got.

Even up till this morning, I could not feel any hunger. That was when it dawned on me how much sleep I had been missing. Nature can not be fooled jare. Somehow, it would ask for what it needs. What it deserves. And I understand better how much it is appropriate to give the body what it wants. Emi Ise gun ju Emi eniyan lo. (The lifespan of a job is longer than the lifespan of a human.) The fact that you are an entrepreneur does not mean you should not have your fun time.

When I got to work this morning, could you guess what I found? That work deemed as ‘Emergency,’ that was supposed to be delivered yesterday to someone apparently eager to have it, was lying on the table- undelivered. The whole rush was for nothing. Never forget this.

Gotta go now, though. It took me a while to write this, as I have to carry out my duties. Now work should be left undone. No stone must be left unturned. This is proper too. Just remember that there is a balance between work and rest. All work, they say,….

Aku Cinta Kamu, Amigo.


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