I just arrived from a travel couple of hours ago. There was this lady
I saw passing by. On a normal day, I wouldn't have been so interested.
But something caught my attention, and made me freeze on the spot:

Right at the back of her shirt is the boldly printed word: EXPENDITURE
Man, I dunno, maybe She deliberately customized it, or whether she
bought it that way. All I know is that Shirt is really something,
isn't it?
It prompted me to invest some time in addressing what the female folks
have turned themselves to.
The truth is, no matter how wasteful a guy is, a public announcement
of how Financially destroying you are should make anyone back off. And
that is a HUGE MINUS.
Maybe she didn't even know the meaning, you know. Maybe it's 'sweet'
to her hearing and, Kaboom, a name has come up! Or maybe guys
'graciously' tagged her, and she adopted it. Afterall, I know of
someone called 'Vulture,' and she answered, years ago. She didn't know
the meaning. She just thought they gave her a nickname.
Either ways, the bottom line is, no guy wants a miss expenditure. Miss
Independence is the Rave, and would always be. A little dependence is
OK, but EXPENDITURE, Hehehe, is another thing entirely.
Gotta drop, alright not a pen, these keys.
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