Clash Of Forces. I have never witnessed something like this.

Aloha, Amigo!
How are you doing today? Hope your night was cool. Mine was, actually. I had this peaceful sleep, after killing a snake last night. Lol! Alright, I was eating some puff-puff before then. Someone died in my street. A very good man. His greetings were always prayerful.
“Good morning sir”
“Oh, it shall be well with you”

So, that was where the puff-puff came from. Traditionally, Akara (Beans cakes) were distributed at funerals in Yorubaland. However, since we live in the urban, (The City of Ibadan) we improvised. Puff-puff is the thing we distribute in such an occasion. Very delicious. Such a big irony, that such a sweet thing should be distributed at such a bitter time. Maybe it is to add a bit of sweetness to everyone’s bitter stomachs. Anyway, such is life.

That is about that. Other stuff happened last night. Some were good, some were not so good. Some brought mixed feelings. Memories I do not want to dwell on. This morning was cool, though. I tried a few keys on that old piano at home. Turns out the thing needs a servicing. Ahhh… I might have to do that… Or really? Shoot! And I really want to learn how to play the darn thing.
Can you play?
Oh, Beautiful, can you teach me? :)
Awww…, you can’t play either. :(

I should better learn it somehow then. By fire by force o! Yes, talking about force, I saw something yesterday. Lol, I almost forgot. While returning from work last evening, I saw a happening that I am not sure whether to laugh about or to learn from. Alright, I would do both, balancing both. It is about a clash of forces.

There was traffic jam at around Oke Ado, Ibadan. There usually is hold-up around that area. O ye Olorun (God understands). Anyway, we got to a three-way junction, where the traffic usually ends. If you could make it past that junction, you could sigh of relief. Things get easier.

We could hear the blast of siren from one of these heavy vehicles usually used to transport huge amount of money from one point to another. They are usually escorted by other vehicles filled with armed men of the forces. Standard procedure. This one was not accompanied. So, we believe it must be empty. :(

They usually find their way, no matter how high the traffic is. So, the vehicle made it to the junction and was about to move on when something happened. A four-runner jeep drove into its path. Yee! Oro o! This one na die o! I was expecting some action, and I got some. Just not the way I expected it..

The man in the four-runner came down, stood in front of the heavy vehicle, and stared at its driver straight in the eyes. Did I mention his (the four-runner’s) eyes were bloodshot? The driver in the heavy vehicle reversed a little and made for the man as if he would hit him. Our man here did not even flinch! Na then I sabi say yawa don gas!

He later went back into his car, took some stuff and told his passenger to drive and block the heavy vehicle’s path more. Ehn?! Turns out the ‘stuff” he went to take from the car was a walkie-talkie. That thing cops use to communicate with each other. Baba na Olopaa o. Confirmed policeman with a rank. Lol, baba no stop there o. he proceeded to use his normal mobile phone to make some calls.

That is to say, the walkie-talkie is just a way of announcing who he was. Yes, Sir! Ah, the traffic jam had freed. We had to be on our way. We were discussing it as we move. I know it is something we would go on remembering for a while, all of us that witnessed it.

I got to Orita challenge, and was about to take a bike home, as usual. Suddenly, this policewoman came and grabbed the ignition key. I looked round, waiting… waiting… waiting for a saviour policeman; like our fore-runner man.

Abi o ti wa ni?
Is there a chance in hell that he would come?

Gotta go for now, amigo.
Aku Cinta Kamu.

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