High School Days. What I rarely share.

Aloha, Amigo!

So, I got ready for work this morning and kept looking at the high school students, as usual. There are more students rushing to school than are workers rushing to work at around 7am. Do the calculation yourself; One Dad, One Mom, FIVE CHILDREN.

I saw this girl on bike, a high school girl. Flaunting her body as if… Lol, it amused me actually. She does not know anything yet. I remembered my days in high school. (I still believe the high school days are one of the best in life.) We were all hot and fresh, unaware of what life really was like. Why, we just ask for school fees and Dad gives. No one asks how Dad manages to pay. Mom prepares the food while we were still sleeping.

We so had it smooth back then. We got to school, and the first thing that comes to mind, especially the girls, is how to look good for your crush or your date. Fact, school has never entirely been about books. Sometimes, these two are different. That is, you are dating one person while really preferring to be going out with someone else. Girls, are you still here with me? It is not strange news for that other person to be the best friend of your date. Lol, high school dates!

I remember my things back then. Alright, I have always been someone with his own share of controversies, one uglier than the other. My dates were always in the open, no matter how much I try to keep things low-key. There were always spy to broadcast what you did secretly just the previous day. (They deliver their own versions of the stories, of course. It was perfectly natural for one to get lost on which of the versions is most correct. Some don’t care; true or not, they swallow the whole rumours, hook and sinker.) And those were my friends. Guys, if you are reading this, I should probably punch you right now, Lol.

We used to fantasize about how we would do stuff after secondary school. College, Career; we had everything figured out. Out of University by 20, have a one-in-town marriage by 22, Make millions by 25. We so had it made. Then, there were those guys forming cliques. I was always part of all while belonging to none. Many upcoming artistes started in high school. Some are doing well today. Just not the way most thought it would be.

We held reunions over a year ago. Gosh, we all have changed! Eyes hadn’t been clearer. We now see life as it truly is. We are now as diverse as we could possibly be. Different goals now. Diverse visions too. But there remains one thing we all share:

I want to say I miss these days. We, whom are past them, miss them. If you are lucky to still be there, better enjoy it as much as you can. It is a time you may feel right now, like getting over with, but would really miss when it is over. Oh, I miss high school days.

What are your best memories of your high school days?

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