Hotel where Human Meat is Sold- My Take on That Issue

Aloha, Amigo!
Happy Sunday. How was service? I want to believe you went to serve God today. Church, Mosque... Whatever... I just trust you went SOMEWHERE. You know, the intention is also a strong thing before God. Building on a good intention matters a lot. There are many times when actions could be judged by the intentions.
Speaking of Intentions, It makes me wonder what would move a hotel to opt for human meats in favour of nice beef, Chicken laps, or even pork. Me, I dey chop pork o! This days, I don't eat pork. But that is just because no good person is offering me a piece. (Note: I said good person. Not those wey go dey bring meat for inside your dream. Tufiakwa! God forbid!)
Anyway, back to the matter. So Osun Defender apparently reported that Police in Onitsha arrested 11 people suspected to be connected with this case, when 2 fresh human heads were discovered inside a hotel (Whose name has been withheld) close to one popular market in Anambra state, Nigeria. You probably know the market; Ose-Okwodu Market.
The police were apparently tipped off by residents in the area, who must have been suspicious. One trader was reported to have noticed different kind of people entering the hotel. I'm talking of awon eru iku o. (Deadly psychos)
When the police entered, ehn, see wetin dem see:
Two AK 47 rifles, Two Army caps, 40 rounds of live ammunition, and lot of cell phones. And the icing of the cake (Or the blood on the cake, however you prefer it) is a celophane bag in which those two heads were wrapped. Oh my Gosh!
What do you expect? The police, of course, arrested the hotel owner, plus 4 men and 6 women. Well, for guys who say women are light-hearted... make your calculations o. When I first learnt of this, I was so sick to the pit of my stomach! Ah, human meat! But to be sincere, when I saw the picture, I swallowed a couple of times. See how those lumps of meats are cut.
One thing that I find wickedly funny is the fact that one of those who tipped the police off is a pastor. He said that he went to eat in the hotel. After finishing the food with a contented smile, the smile was changed into a frown when he was told unceremoniously that each lump of meat cost N700. That is over $4! In Nigeria, that is a lot!
The pastor lamented that he didn't know what he was eating was a human body. It makes me think, did he even pray before eating? And if he did, didn't The Holy Spirit speak to him? Alright, it takes someone to have The Holy Spirit before The Holy Spirit even speaks to such a person. But that is another story.
What do you think of this incidence, amigos? What is your take on what could be done to curb all these acts of grave lawlessness? Share your opinion in the comment box below...
Aku Cinta Kamu, Amigos.